Kembali ke COD Chef v2 Changelog

Compiled V2 website's change logs & updates. This document is intended for Team Members to monitor & troubleshoot website related issues.


  • Updated Whatsapp url structure.


  • Fixed currency inconsistency for menu items
  • Optimization & clean up.


  • Added vendor/menu recommendation form
  • Clean up theme functions.
  • Fixed icons display issues for comments.
  • CSS cleanups.


  • Moved & switched App & installer homepages.
  • Added PWA requirements for landing page.
  • Redirect beta landing page.
  • Updated installer guide.


  • Added quantity helper when items added
  • Reconstruct items added notifier.
  • Improved App pages display, removed unwanted elements programmatically.
  • Improved items display management.
  • Improved ordering flow.
  • Improved cart actions & items display for Apps.


  • Improved app installer page design
  • Improved app installer user flow
  • Fix bug issues with feed retrievals
  • Fix design issues for PWA screen
  • Removed installer button on PWA pages.
  • Removed sidebar contents for mobile views.


  • Web app installer updates & bug fixes.
  • Web installer added button to install.
  • Improved content feed retrievals for cross domain access.
  • Updated links to use full domain urls.


  • Launched COD Chef web app installer.
  • Fixed manifest.json & service worker issues.
  • Updated App .redirects via .htaccess
  • Cleaning up App css & html.
  • Adding promo App installer for homepage.


  • Added constructor for Menu List categories.
  • Added Menu List navigation for menu pages.
  • Fix bug with add to cart notification.


  • Optimized homepage Menu display.
  • Improved performance & page load time.
  • Improved & optimized registration pages.
  • Improved alert notifications display.


  • Fix meta data sharing issues for Whatsapp
  • Improved vendor hours settings.


  • Updated vendor opening hours management & display.
  • Improved alert notification


  • Added vendor opening hours management.
  • Fix timestamp format for auto opening hours.
  • Added ordering opening hours display.


  • New custom feedback layout display.
  • Improve templating element creation.


  • HTML cleanup & remove homepage unused sections.
  • Added filler elements for homepage category.
  • Optimized external stylesheets & assets.


  • Fix CSS issues with .menu-items
  • Added ordering how tos page with custom styling.
  • Updated main navigation & links.
  • Published Kids Menu contents.
  • Transferred user's Facebook reviews to contents.
  • Improved layout for footer section.
  • Search engines submission starts
  • Fix issues with orders display & handling.


  • Integrated shopping cart, checkout & modal display.
  • Integrated dynamic menu items search.
  • Added & improved dynamic menu items display. 
  • Dark mode CSS fixes.
  • Added dynamic menu count.
  • Added dynamic menu options with price updates.


  • Added Json+ld web page search structured data
  • Added webpage search structured data.
  • Refined Label search page display.
  • Updated all webpage links.
  • Fixes for dynamic content feed retrievals
  • Update support for widgets & layout editing.
  • Mobile display fixes.


  • Design & deploy Riders registration page
  • CSS fixes
  • Update existing Contact form functions.
  • Content updates.
  • Fix dynamic comments form display.


  • Optimize global web page functions.
  • Optimize webpage CSS
  • Dark mode CSS fixes
  • Integrated GDPR notification display only for EU countries.
  • Integrated Javascript Disabled warning display.
  • Integrated Ads Blocker warning display.
  • Added FAQ/Support page with dynamic show/hide contents.


  • Design & deploy Vendor registration page.
  • CSS fixes.
  • Update existing Contact form functions.
  • Update contact form function & page.
  • Fix all custom url redirects.
  • Refined widget layout & display.
  • Fixes for mobile display.


  • Main navigation fixes - use flex-box.
  • Optimized meta tags & meta data output.
  • Added dynamic content feed retrieval for homepage footer top.
  • Added mobile sharing support - navigator.share 
  • Added Whatsapp & Facebook share with meta data retrieval support. 


  • Transfer & full installed webpages on V2
  • CSS fixes
  • HTML fixes
  • Error fixes.


  • Fully deployed working development site for V2
  • Contents preparation.


  • Initial design & build.
  • Salvage V1 website contents.

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